11.25 Ha. Site – Northern Vietnam Industrial Park – ID: 450144

  • Category: Land Transfer In Industrial Clusters.
  • Form: Transfer.
  • City / Province: Bac Ninh
  • Year: 2057

Price: 90,0 USD/m²


General information about Tan Chi industrial cluster
The infrastructure development unit of Sao Thuy Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company
Location Km 10, Highway 38, Tan Chi Commune, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province
An overview of Bac Ninh province Bac Ninh is a province in the North of Vietnam, 31km from Hanoi capital, bordering other provinces: Hanoi, Bac Giang, Hai Duong, Hung Yen.
– Area: 803.9 km2

– Population: 1,100,000 people

– Average annual rainfall: 1,400 – 1,600 mm

Scale of industrial complex Total area: 73.6 ha
Operation period 50 years: 2007 – 2057
Type of lease Land lease with investment in infrastructure
Standard factory rental


Transportation Located in the key economic region of the North: Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh.
* Road:

– Highway 1A to Lang Son

– Highway 18 goes to Cai Lan port – Quang Ninh

– Highway 18 goes to Noi Bai airport

* Rail:

– Hanoi-Lang Son railway

– Yen Vien – Cai Lan high speed railway (Quang Ninh)

Seaport – 110km from Hai Phong port
– 110km from Cai Lan deep water port, Quang Ninh

– Far from Lang Son international border gate: 120 km

Airport Distance from Noi Bai international airport: 30km

The CCN road system is located along Highway 38
– Main road:… m, 4 lanes

Power supply system is taken from the national power source through the 110 / 22KV transformer station with a capacity of 40MVA.
Water supply system – Water supply plant with a capacity of 2,000m3 / day.
Wastewater / Waste treatment system – Wastewater treatment plant with capacity of 2,500m3 / day and night (wastewater is calculated by 80% of input water).
– Garbage is gathered and hired by the environmental sanitation company to collect and treat.
Telecommunication system Ready to reach the foot of the fence of the land lot
Fire protection system Modern fire protection equipment is installed along the roads in the industrial cluster.
Green trees, public works Occupying 10-15% of industrial
cluster land Plant ground level is minimal compared with sea level + 5.00m Factory
construction area £ 65% of total leased land
Factory fence wall 2m – 2.2m
Minimum distance from fencing wall to the construction scope 4.5m
Minimum distance from internal road to construction area 6m
Active companies Unicharm- Diana in operation : 19.36 ha;
Expanded Unicharm- Diana: 7.63 hectares

Vinapaper Company: 5 ha

Bac Hung brick factory: 7.78 ha;

Leased area

Minimum of 1.5 ha (15,000 m2)

Rental fee for premises invested in infrastructure The rate is 85-90 USD / m2 / 38 years depending on the location of the leased land, this price is valid until 31/03/2020.
Operation period From 16/10/2007 to 16/10/2057 (37 years and 9 months remaining)
Land rental paid annually / once to the government According to Bac Ninh province’s announcement – (current price is 0.22 USD / m2 / year)
Tax on non-agricultural land As announced by Bac Ninh province – (current price is 0.014 USD / m2 / year) Annual
fee for infrastructure maintenance 0.40 USD / m2 / year – price adjustment when price Market fluctuations exceed + -5%
Industrial service fee – Water supply: VND 4500 / m3 with adjustment every year.
– Waste water treatment: 4000 VND / m3 with adjustment every year (for normal wastewater type B)

Electricity price Calculated according to the collection price set by the Government at the time of use (the lessee signs a contract directly with the supplier)
Telephone costs According to the regulations of the supplier at the time of use (the land lease sign a contract directly with supplier)
Note All prices above are exclusive of 10% VAT according to state regulations.

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