Small Factory For Sale In Phuoc Tan, Bien Hoa – ID: 968953

  • Category: Land Transfer In Industrial Clusters.
  • Form: Transfer.
  • City / Province: Dong Nai.
  • Year: updating

Price: 222,0 USD/m²


The family has an urgent job, so they need to sell their small factory (it is difficult to find a small workshop built in the above area), has been invested and built, started production and business without investment. What additional equipment, details:
– Land area 2300m2. Closed area. Workshop 11m high, easy to floor.
– Office block, 1 ground floor, 1 floor, beautiful, modern closed: 200m2.
– Fire fighting tanks, fire protection pipes meet standards, with a system of toilets and canteen for workers.
– The electrical system runs around the workshop.
– Red book owner.
Special: The factory system is built and used by the family, so all are arranged and built based on suitable and best feng shui directions to develop and operate.
The price is very good because the family is changing business, please do not contact the intermediary and pay the price. Enthusiastic guests with good intentions will negotiate lightly.

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