Potential for development from 2 spearhead urban planning in Thuan An city

Young city leads the economy of the whole province

Being home to many large industrial parks in Binh Duong province as well as the whole country, in recent years, Thuan An has made rapid socio-economic development, a vision to become a commercial, financial and translation center. high-end crop within a radius of 30km of Ho Chi Minh City.
Before officially coming to the city in February 2020, Thuan An was home to 3 large industrial parks (VSIP, Viet Huong and Dong An) and 2 industrial clusters (An Phu, An Thanh) attracting 2,368 enterprises. domestically and internationally. Along with that are 5 supermarkets, 7 trade centers (including 3 large-scale shopping malls: AEON, Minh Sang Plaza and Lotte Mart). With a well-established foundation of economy – trade – services, in 2019, industrial production value in Thuan An reaches VND 226,140 billion, an increase of 8% compared to 2018. Total budget revenue The State implemented more than 4,039 billion VND, reaching 101.81% of the estimate assigned by the province, up 3.7% over the same period in 2018.
Thuận An - nơi tập trung nhiều khu công nghiệp, cụm công nghiệp lớn
Along with impressive economic indicators, investment in infrastructure, medical facilities, sports is also a significant highlight of Thuan An with 55 public schools, of which 37 schools meet the standards. nation; 3 big hospitals are invested to socialize, namely Hanh Phuc, Becamex and Columbia, to meet the education and health needs of city residents.
In particular, in recent years, the urban technical infrastructure system has been focused on investment, upgrading and expanding to meet the general development needs of the city, creating regional, inter-regional and inter-regional traffic connections. area. Most notably are the traffic infrastructure projects: building overpass at the intersection of An Phu 6-circle intersection between Thuan An and Di An; Project of improving and expanding National Highway 13 to 6 lanes connecting Binh Duong – Ho Chi Minh City, building an overpass at the intersection of Highway 13 – Ong Bo Bridge in Thuan An City. It is expected that by 2022, it will be put into operation, helping to shorten the distance from Thuan An to Ho Chi Minh City.

Economic development goes hand in hand with high-class living space

According to experts, in order to pave the way for the inner breakthrough of Thuan An in the next few years, it is necessary to ensure a two-pointed urban planning strategy: On the one hand, focus on developing economic and commercial strengths. available; on the one hand to create model urban areas with green ecosystems, to create a balanced and sustainable position in reaching the regional level, while meeting the living, working and learning needs of a large number of people. workers come here to settle down. These factors have contributed to promoting and helping the real estate market in Thuan An City have many opportunities to prosper.
With many foundations and strengths in economy and trade, Thuan An is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign experts and skilled workers. The potential is so, however, the supply of real estate in the city is currently uneven between segments, mainly concentrated in mid-end apartments, lack of model urban areas, synchronous development. Observers said that, if on the economic-industrial front, Thuan An has established a firm position, in the development of living space, this young city is wearing a cramped shirt compared to its potential. and breakthrough opportunities. Therefore, the two-prong urban planning strategy is a right and necessary move, with the participation of many large enterprises and reputable investors at the same time.
Accordingly, the city has also handed over land and construction permits for many projects to be implemented in 2020, to meet the living needs of experts, engineers, intellectual workforce, young families. looking for a place to live and relax as well as investors when the supply in Ho Chi Minh City is shrinking.
Không gian khu đô thị kiểu mẫu sinh thái và khép kín tại Thuận An
According to analysts, the projects are planned in the form of a large-scale commercial – service – office complex and high-class apartment, located right on the main street frontage of Thuan An with utility systems. modern diversity will create a great attraction in the market. These closed, modern urban areas promise to bring the elite community of Binh Duong smart city in general and Thuan An in particular an ideal and complete living.