From 480 million, the door owns a “resort” apartment in Binh Duong

Young couples with an initial savings of 480 million can easily own a spacious apartment, far from the city. HCM 30 minutes to move. Comes with that are full facilities and amenities inside the most modern urban area in Binh Duong

In the context of house prices in the city. Ho Chi Minh City is constantly increasing, Binh Duong is becoming a “good land” to realize the dream of settling down for young families. According to statistics, in 2020, Binh Duong market will receive nearly 8,000 apartment products with average prices from 1.5 to less than 2 billion. This is assessed as the level suitable for the financial capacity of most young people who are office workers.
The Anderson Park project developed by Lyn Property in Thuan An city, Binh Duong is being warmly welcomed by the market thanks to its good price and flexible payment method. Currently 1 bedroom apartment in the project with the function and area suitable for young families with 1 small child, costs about 1.6 billion. Along with that, the flexible payment methods applied by Lyn Property will reduce the financial burden on customers.
Specifically, if the customer chooses the self-payment method (without a bank loan), the project developer will set up the extension payment plan. Accordingly, firstly, guests will pay 30% of the value of the apartment, equivalent to VND 480 million (divided into 3 payments). In the following months, the payment is about 25 million VND / month. Thus, if the income is stable, it is 30-35 million dong / month. Within 2 years, young couples still leisurely own their houses with their own capital and pay in installments without going through the bank.

If choosing the bank loan method, Lyn Property said Vietcombank will support loans up to 70% of the value of the apartment for up to 20 years. With this method, at first, customers also only pay 30% of the value of the apartment, equivalent to VND 480 million (divided into 3 installments). Next, the bank will disburse the loan directly to the investor. In particular, buyers only start to pay this loan after 24 months at VND 15-18 million / month. Thus, with this method, customers only have to pay about 30% until receiving the house (expected in Q1 / 2023), helping to reduce maximum pressure for buyers.

In addition, according to Lyn Property, customers also enjoy the total preferential rate up to 20%.

Apartment “resort” fully equipped

Anderson Park is a project with great attraction in the market when it is developed in the style of “resort apartments” in a closed urban area.

The project belongs to a population of an urban area of ​​up to 50,000 m2 in Thuan An city. Phase 1 was launched to the market with a scale of more than 23,000 m2. In which the construction density is only 29%, the remaining area is estimated up to nearly 16,500 m2, which is dedicated to the development of green space and modern facilities for residents to enjoy.
The green living space in Anderson Park is built on smart planning, combining green trees – multi-storey vegetation in the chain of parks, walking paths and swimming pools, landscape waterfalls. Each apartment here is filled with green colors, bringing a feeling of relaxation like a resort. In addition to living space in harmony with nature, Anderson Park also owns a chain of utilities, “all – in – one” service – all in one, serving maximum living and entertainment needs of residents.
In the heart of the project is a bustling chain of shophouse, providing diverse services such as shopping, dining, entertainment … Residents will not have to struggle to find places too far away, but only in one in step, all the most necessary needs are met in the internal service complex. The shopping area is also connected with an outdoor stage with modern investment, creating an open area for performances and parties on special occasions such as: Christmas, New Year countdown, Mid-Autumn Festival, summer festival …
To make a difference, the swimming pool at Anderson Park is up to 500 m2 wide, designed in the model of a natural waterfall, creating a more unique feeling when residents enjoy. The family campsite and BBQ area are also fully invested, serving the entertainment needs of modern residents. Anderson Park also doesn’t forget to bring your child’s childhood paradise with an outdoor play area and an indoor skill development area.
In addition, a chain of health facilities such as Gym – Fitness area, badminton court, basketball court and outdoor multi-purpose sports field will bring physical fitness to residents.
Anderson Park is located in the heart of Thuan An city, within a 2km radius of modern industrial parks and outstanding external facilities of the area such as: Aeon Mall, Lotte, Columbia International Hospital, Song Be Golf Course, Supermarket Mega Market. From the project, residents only take 30-45 minutes to easily move to the city. HCM through Highway 13, Road DT 743, My Phuoc, Tan Van – after completion, will connect with Xuyen A road also helps to shorten the distance quickly.