What makes SONG ANH Ltd. Vietnam unique?

In the local market, we deal with hundreds of  leasing / sale transactions annually. Our services include company relocation consultation, large investment advisory and property agency.

When you work with SONG ANH Ltd. Vietnam, you connect with highly crafted professionals in each submarket. SONG ANH Ltd. Vietnam brokerage team customizes and puts our clients first. Our landlord representation team is independent from the lessee representation team in order to avoid conflict of interest. For Tenant brokerage services, we offer market analysis, rent comparison, relocation cost analysis, and leasing contract review to help clients make decisions precisely and efficiently. For landlord/seller brokerage services, we offer property assessment, marketing campaign and sales plans. We take our time to understand our clients’ needs and financial objectives and we scrutinize the property and portfolio and measure the dynamics of the marketplace.

With our in-depth comprehension with local spectrum on the property values, we help our clients reduce costs in acquisitions. Furthermore, the affiliation with Global partners entitles us to access the shared data of properties and clientele world-wide. SONG ANH Ltd. VietnamI proprietary data system and powerful tool, capacitates information collection promptly no matter what part of the world the client or the property is.

Scope of Our Brokerage Services :

  • Tenant / Buyer and Property Owner Representation.
  • Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Sale Organization and Representation.
  • Market Research Analysis.
  • Leasing Contract Review and Renewal.
  • Business Corporation Brokerage.
  • Acquisitions / Dispositions.
  • Leasing Agency.
  • Appraisal and Valuation.