Professional asset management is critical to ensuring the longevity and vitality of your real estate investment and the financial objectives.

SONG ANH Ltd. provides active management and integrated resources to monitor and enhance clients’ real estate asset values. We devise and implement plans that maximize cash flow, ROI and ultimately an asset value increment. This goal may seem obvious, but it is an enduring challenge for investors everywhere. SONG ANH Ltd.’s seasoned property managers begin with the fundamentals of property management, and then they go beyond the obvious to deliver innovative and actionable solutions for your investment. Our property managers oversee the fiscal and physical health of each property, ensuring that each repair work or improvement, minor or major, is satisfactorily done.

Equally important, our property managers develop lasting relationships with clients, and work hand-in-hand with asset managers and leasing agents to sustain leasing strategies, such as tenant-retention programs, to look after our client’s benefit. In short, we manage each property as if the investment were our own.

Transaction Management :

  • Financial Analysis and Risk Monitoring.
  • Transaction Notarization.
  • Payment Security.
  • Government Taxation / Transaction Fee / Confirmation.
  • Home Real Estate Immovable Property Authorization Registration.
  • Processing of Transfer of Property.

Financial Management :

  • Mortgage Servicing.
  • CCIM Financial Analysis.
  • Cash Flow Calculation.
  • Acquisition / Disposition / Financial Evaluation.
  • Taxes / Operating Cost / Management Fee.
  • Assets Appraisal.

Lease Administration :

  • Market information and Leasing Term.
  • Check-List for Asset Disposition.
  • Termination of Leasing Agreement.
  • Preparation for Lease Agreement and Notarization.
  • Tenant Qualification Confirmation and License for Legal Occupation.
  • Rent Payment security.
  • Lease Renewal and Rent Review.